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I'm a guitarist as well as a keyboard enthusiast so it really is great to see you offering acoustic and electric guitar and bass Soundfonts. Keep up the good work.


Commercial License


During the past few years we have received many questions about the use of our products in apps for iPad. This download contains the exact same sounds as the "normal" downloads, but you acquire the license to use the sounds as a part of your own software.

You can still create music and soundtracks for your applications under the normal license. But in order to use the individual samples for playback in instrument- and music education apps you must buy this download.

Acoustic Guitars - commercial license

Price: $99.95

Electric Guitars - commercial license

Price: $99.95

Please note: It is not our goal to provide GM instruments, which can be used in playback of standard MIDI-files.
Instead we focus on making the sounds as realistic as possible; e.g. slides or vibrato (actually recorded effects), which can be activated through keyboard velocity.

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