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You really deserve a place in the soundfont hall of fame! I can hardly wait to incorporate these into my music, and I am confident that people will say how clean and beautiful the sounds are.


Acoustic Guitar Chords - SoundFont, Kontakt and EXS24

Handmade German Framus guitar recorded in MS-stereo.

Major, minor, dominant 7, sus4 and add9 chords.

The Acoustic Guitar Chords Instrument is a sample set with major, minor, dominant 7, sus4 and add9 chords. All samples are recorded in MS-stereo, which ensures a wide stereo perspective and full mono compatibility (no phase issues).

  • Size: 66 MB
  • Channels: 2 (MS-stereo)
  • Velocity Layers: 1
  • Download Formats: SoundFont (.sf2), Kontakt 3 (.nki) and EXS 24 (.zip)
  • Demoversion: 12 MB - major chords only


  • H0: Muted strum
  • C1 - H1: Minor Chords
  • C2 - H2: Major Chords
  • C3 - H3: Dominant 7
  • C4 - H4: Sus4
  • C5 - H5: add9
  • C6 - H6: Major 7

Price: $9.95

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Please note: It is not our goal to provide GM instruments, which can be used in playback of standard MIDI-files.
Instead we focus on making the sounds as realistic as possible; e.g. slides or vibrato (actually recorded effects), which can be activated through keyboard velocity.

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